Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Story of the Waboba Ball - Part II

On the train Brighton bound!

Brighton Station
So having received a Waboba ball in the post courtesy of the lovely people from the company (tweet them: @WabobaBalls), it was high time I tried the ball out and a day trip to Brighton on Saturday 11th June seemed like the perfect opportunity! The only problem was the crazy weather we had been experiencing in London with thunderstorms, dark grey clouds and constant rain, which rang true for most of the day I was in Brighton aka making me super upset.

It did eventually clear up, but it was seriously windy and none of us really wanted to take a dip in the water... Sorry Waboba people!!

West Pier in the background
In the middle of "Afloat"
So instead, I took various pictures of the Waboba Ball Pro I had, and here are the pictures..


 I'm planning on going down to Brighton in a week's time, so hopefully the weather will be a LOT nicer so I can actually play this with a bunch of people!

Brighton pebbly beach

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